HEArtT Program

Program Details


Youth in the Atlanta metro area who are ages 8-18 yrs old, and excited to learn about the arts!


Series of 10 FREE workshops focused on visual arts, dance and music. Learn as you grow.


Begins November 2022, two Saturdays per month, and ends with Arts Showcase in May 2023


All workshops take place at Artworkks Studios, a premiere creative arts center in Atlanta, GA.

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Dance & Choreography

Participants learn the basics of dance, musicality and choreography. Two choreographed dances are taught during the program and performed as a group at the Arts Showcase.

Visual &
Digital Arts

Participants learn to express themselves through painting, drawing and digital art techniques. An art piece will be completed for presentation at the Arts Showcase.

Music & Music Production

Participants learn the art of singing, song writing and music production in a state of the art recording studio. During the Arts Showcase youth are able to perform their original music!

“It has been amazing to watch the lightbulb go off in our HEArtT Program Participants as they realize how they can connect expression through the arts and utilize journaling as a positive outlet to link the two – arts and healing.”

Maati Horne, MS, LPC

Co-Founder and Vice-President of ArtWorks 4 ENA, Inc.
HEArtT Program Coordinator

HEArtT Program applications are open now!

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Applications are due by Friday, November 4, 2022.